MANA-YUI official site
受けいれ 認め ゆるし 愛しています。
MANA-YUI official site
受けいれ 認め ゆるし 愛しています。
MANA-YUI official site
受けいれ 認め ゆるし 愛しています。
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[What is “MANAYUI”]

“MANAYUI” is the term for the self-healing / living / realization work that was developed in Japan by Yasuko Kodama. The word itself is comprised of two words; “MANA” which means "Love", and "YUI" that means “to bind”.

By doing this self-healing work, it can easily create harmony between your ego and true-self very simply and naturally.

How to do "MANAYUI" work is actually very simple. All you have to do is to chant phrases used four words. In Japanese, they are “受け入れ(uke ire) 認め(mitome) ゆるし(yurushi) 愛しています(ai shite imasu)” which mean accept, acknowledge, allow and forgive, and love.

That is one of the most important point to do “MANAYUI”.


[How does “MANAYUI” work]

The Bible says "In the beginning was the Word". And in Japan, such power is still believed even now, so we think that we should be careful about the words we use.

The reason why "MANAYUI" is so easy yet powerful is actually because of the power of "KOTODAMA" which is energy and frequency of words. The words used in "MANAYUI" chanting (“accept”, “acknowledge”, “allow and forgive”, and “love”) all carry the energy of openness. It is normally difficult to take in it. “MANAYUI” chanting has energy to embrace yourself to take in anything and everything without judgement, even if you think your mind is not ready to do so yet. And it is actually the act of unconditional love.

There are three steps in “MANAYUI” work as below,

  • Self-healing
  • Self-living
  • Self-realization

Your ego and mind of negative thoughts are not your enemies. They may create many obstacles by frustrating and frightening you. But the reason why they work in that way is to help you understand who you really are and what you really want to do in your life.

And the easiest way that these three steps take effect is to let your ego and true-self do what they do best, which is to allow your ego to come out as selfish as it can be, and allow your true-self to embrace to love your ego.


[How to do “MANAYUI”]

For example, suppose you were sick and tired of your anger, and then your chanting would be like follows:

“I acknowledge my anger,

I accept my anger,

I allow and forgive my anger,

and will love my anger.”

Say it out loud, and next moment would feel your feeling slowly change inside.

Then do another similar chanting, by putting whatever phrase that you have felt or thought in the “anger” part of former chanting.    

Chant as many times as you like.

After that, would feel nothing about your anger, besides, would realize other reasons (usually positive) of it.

The “anger” part can be changed into any words, phrases, sentences. They could be your “feeing” or “situation”, could be long or short as freely as you wish, with or without any introduction or explanation.


[The “Supportive MANAYUI”]

Because of “KOTODAMA” power, the "MANAYUI" work can become even more powerful when there are people to support the person who is doing the “MANAYUI” work. We call them the “OUEN-san”. They give cheering chants to the person who is doing the "MANAYUI" work by joining (following) his / her chanting, such as

“I accept, I acknowledge, I allow and forgive, and I love that you thought so.”


“I know you will. I can see you are doing that. I can feel you are blessed in manifesting that.”

We picture the peaceful and creative world, which is that more and more people accept, acknowledge, allow, forgive, and love each other by spreading “MANAYUI”